David Petterson

David has been in the Hauling business for 20 years. He has always had “Peter Pan” aspirations. After watching a couple Flyboarding videos on YouTube and a swift vacation to Vernon, BC, David realized his love for the water and beautiful British Columbia could be combined; and that he could actually Fly! With the huge support of his brothers & family, David is looking forward to bringing the extreme rush of Flyboarding to Penticton. See you at the beach!

Caveman Translation:

Unga Bunga. Dave Haul longtime. Dave watch, get excited then happy. Dave love Water and BC. Dave want Fly. Dave Fly! Unga Bunga Family Tribe Hug. Dave Unga Bunga Flyboarding Penticton. Bunga Unga. Beach. Now.



Zachary Bishop

Zakk is currently a union ironworker out of Local 720. Growing up in Alberta, he has a great love for the “outdoors”, fascinated with anything new. When Dave asked him to join the adventure of operating a Flyboard® business, life just couldn’t get better – combining his “Work Hard, Play Harder” ethics, Zakk’s looking forward to making a living ensuring your “play harder” is an experience you’ll never forget at Flyboyz Watersports.

Caveman Translation:

Zakk work iron Bunga union. Unga Alberta Zakk love outdoors. Dave Zakk Bunga team Flyboard yes! Unga Bunga Life gooood. Zakk Work Hard, Zakk Play harder! Zakk make you never forget Flyboyz Watersports. Unga Unga Bunga.

Flyboyz is super stoked to bring Flyboarding to Penticton, and to share this unique experience with you. Flyboyz is proud to be a family run business, come join the familia… Stop in and see us for either a short time, or purchase a Flyboard® of your own… Come Fly with us!