We offer a wide range of Flyboarding rental rates including Individual, Group and Corporate Packages. Please inquire for more info on Group and Corporate rates so we can custom tailor a package that is just right for you and your groups needs.

Perfect for Corporate / Team Building / Birthday Parties / Stags / Stagettes.
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20 Min
$100 CDN

30 Min
$150 CDN

60 Min
$240 CDN

20 Min ~ Burger: A great snack. For those who just have to try it. 20 min one-on-one training with a certified instructor* Might finish wishing you had ordered the fries…

30 Min ~ Burger & Fries: A little extra to savor, and our most popular item. For those who know what they want, and want to leave feeling satisfied. 30 min one-on-one training with a certified instructor*

60 Min ~ The Deluxe Burger Platter Extravaganza: For those with a large appetite for fun! Get more comfortable…get more height & bigger dives. One hour one-on-one training with a certified instructor*

*All safety equipment provided. Superhero mask and/or cape is extra.



A Typical Lesson/Rental in Flyboarding

Learning to flyboard is naturally intuitive – a person can be up and out of the water in a few minutes.

  • Potential Boarders must meet a few basic requirements
    1. Be 18 years of age or older (16 yrs with Parental/Guardian consent)
    2. Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    3. Be able to swim and not have a phobia of water

The Lesson:

We will provide boarders with safety equipment and a Certified Instructor will give a 5-10 minute course on how to safely operate the Flyboard®. After we walk down into ankle-deep water, we will secure the boarder into the Flyboard® boots that are mounted on the board. Both the Flyboard® and life jacket are buoyant, so the boarder can float comfortably while instructor idles the Sea-doo out past the Day-Mooring Area and swim line. The Flyboard® Instructor will then increase the throttle until the boarder lifts out of the water, ready to hover and fly.


The Instructor will provide just enough throttle to lift the boarder a few feet out of the water until a satisfactory level of competency and control is achieved. Boarders will practice turning left and right, moving up and down, and even dolphin dives…all of which are easy to learn in a short lesson.



  • Flyboard® Instructor Certification Course
  • Pleasurecraft Operating Card (Safe Boating Course)
  • ProFirstAid (Basic First Aid and Adult CPR)


Safety & Insurance

Flyboarding is a safe sport, especially with the instruction and guidance of a Certified Instructor. In 2013, Flyboard Canada secured a national liability insurance policy for authorized licensed locations.

Flyboard Canada locations are required to use safety equipment at all times, including a life jacket, wetsuit, and wakeboarding helmet (including ear protection) for rentals/lessons. These will be supplied by Flyboyz Watersports at no additional cost to the customer. A Certified Instructor will be present at all times, and hand-held walkie-talkies will be used for communication with the beach. A First Aid Kit will always be on site and a second Watercraft will be in the water in the event we need to respond to any emergency situations or mechanical issues.

Flyboarding is for any able-bodied person over the age 18 (16 with Parental/Guardian consent). Customers will be required to read and sign the Waiver/Liability Release Form, and take a short, pre-flight course. This course will include safety and operation of the Flyboard®, and then a quick quiz before getting into the water. Flyboyz Watersports is proud of Canada’s zero-incident/injury record, and will uphold all safety policies and requirements.